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Winter Cocktail Club

Join us for a winter of mixed drinks - get 6 Bottles of Kinsip Fine Spirits over 3 months with 2 bottles delivered to your door each month ('Build A Bar Quickly' option also available - single shipment of ALL THE THINGS for those impatient ones out there).

January 2024 (shipped by Jan 10):
  • Still's Whisper Vodka 750 ml
  • Still's Whisper Woodland Pine Vodka 750 ml
February 2024 (shipped by Feb 10):
  • Juniper's Wit Gin 750 ml
  • Juniper's Wit Old Tom Gin 750 ml
March 2024 (shipped by Mar 10):
  • Cooper's Revival Rye Whisky 750 ml
  • Kinsip Maple Whisky 375 ml
3 Zoom Guided Tastings & Mixology with Kinsip Owner, Maria Hristova (7pm EST on the 20th of each month). Cost includes free shipping and 20% discount on all Kinsip Bitters and Bar Supplies.